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Plan Be (w.t.)

The Problem: Human civilization is pushing our environment out of balance towards collapse. There are billions of young people and adults who could help restore balance as stewards of the environment but they don’t know what to do and they fear their actions won’t make a difference.

Our Vision: A world where environmental stewardship is a common and joyful experience that is easy to aspire to and rewarding to undertake.

Proposed Solution: We have designed an open gaming platform that makes becoming a steward of the environment fun, easy, and rewarding.

Players are given a choice of nine “realms” (e.g. land, ocean, climate, etc.) which model macro-earth systems based on the Stockholm Resilience Centre’s Planetary Boundaries research. For each realm they choose, players are presented with a problem and a conditional series of solutions that they must explore towards restoring balance. The problem/solution is presented through the avatar of an “eco-hero” (e.g. real-world scientist, activist, etc.).

When players complete each problem, they are given badges to “certify” their understanding of the problem and then given “missions” to use their experience to take real-world actions with existing environmental organizations (e.g., pick up trash, join a march, plant trees, etc.). For each mission a player completes, they are awarded points which can be redeemed for tangible rewards (e.g. ice cream, t-shirts, etc.), provided by participating real-world corporations.

All certification badges, successful missions, and rewards are recorded in the players account on our technology platform. With a traditional game path at its core, our platform leverages technology at key points to inspire, reward, and measure the actions of everyday people towards re-balancing our macro-earth systems. The end result is increased knowledge, empowerment, community engagement and fun!

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